We give you longer, better, bigger fireworks than anyone else - Guaranteed!





Samui and Phuket Fireworks is owned and operated by Robert and Khun Ya, an Australian/Canadian and his Thai wife.
They took over samuifireworks several years ago, and quickly became Samuis premier fireworks company, with their great origional approach to their firework shows.They have gained a very large loyal customer base, from many of the large hotels on Samui and also on Phuket.
Robert saw what was being given to the customers on SAMUI and PHUKET and how it was being done and quickly adpopted a much more professional and fresh origional approach.This involved buying 600 professional fiberglass mortar tubes, for maximum safety and for environmental reasons as they can safely be used 100's of times and not be thrown away like the more dangerous cardboard ones the other shops use (with the plastic bags they sit in). Robert has small 3" tubes  up to a massive 12" fiberglass tubes for 11 kilo mortar shells ,that go up 1000ft and out 400 ft-very spectacular.
Also Robert only uses a full electronic professional firing device, that can fire 90 cues, with each cue being able to fire 50 shells or effects. Because of this, Roberts shows can be precisely controlled for timing to maximise the effects. Its also very safe, as no one goes anywhere near the fireworks once a show starts, which the other companies do not use, which shows in their shows, with sudden breaks or stops. Robert can fire from 3 different locations at the same time to create amazing effects.


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Robert is the only supplier of fireworks on Koh Samui that has staff skilled and experienced enough to be able to do this!

We only use the best  export quality Chinese fireworks and are constantly finding new effects to wow our audiences. Robert actually went to china to see and buy a new range of effects, to make sure that no matter who copies our shows, we will always give customers new effects.There are over 400 different types of 4inch shells and it takes someone with Robert experience to choose the right ones and fire then in the correct order, so you can always expect to be surprised with Roberts shows, even from a 6000 baht, right up to a 150,000 baht show. Nobody wants to see the same effects over and over again, or in a badly jumbled order like the other companies here do. They just lack the insight and artistic talents that Robert has with his 'art shows in the sky'.
Apart from just using his vast range of mortar shells, Robert always uses a range of ground firing 'CAKES'.
These range from a 28 shot 9" 'cake' to a massive 30 kilo 226 'shot' cake,that is amazing to see. But choosing the right cake and where to place it in the show takes a lot of experience and that's where Roberts shows really stand out alone. NO ONE else here on Samui or on Phuket mixes and matches their effects like Roberts company. He will many times not just use 1 cake at a time, that's a bit boring, sometimes he will use 2 or 3 or even 4 cakes at a time, with shells going off overhead as well, to create an amazing spectacle like no other. Like when people go to a NIKKI BEACH PARTY, they will walk away at the end of the night and know they saw an amazing firework show, that took a lot of thought and planning, that no one else here could do as well. People i have talked to have come up to me and said


and i knew that it was because of my hard work and artistic talents they saw an original, fantastic firework show and i tell then 'Wait for the next one - its going to be even better'. And I guarantee it will be.
If the shows became boring for us, then it would be time to give up this business and because of our different approach we guarantee it will never be boring. We even offer full MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on all our shows, which no one else would consider. Our enthusiasm and professionalism is for free, you just pay for the fireworks.
We leave nothing to chance and strongly believe that the time we take to ensure our customer’s safety is more than worth the effort. It also guarantees that every firework which leaves ‘FIREWORKS SAMUI' is not only safe to use, but will function exactly as it is supposed to, and give a beautiful ‘show’!
Whilst fireworks are great fun – to both shoot AND watch –ROBERT- takes his responsibility to his customers (both regular and new) very seriously, and makes no bones about just how dangerous fireworks can be if they are stored, handled and/or fired incorrectly. Robert plans every show and attends every show himself to guarantee the safety and quality of his shows. It also makes it a lot easier to communicate with his customers, who are very pleased to see a western face handling their fireworks and not a bunch of non skilled young kids turning up and putting on a poor show.

You can see the better quality of shows and effects in Roberts videos. He giver, longer better thought out shows with bigger effects and definitely does not use small fireworks to "pad" out any shows.

"Because of this commitment, Samuis leading Hotels, Beach Clubs-like NIKKI BEACH and THE BEACH REPUBLIC and Samui's  and Phuket's Wedding Organisers and private villas constantly contact us to provide their guests with Samuis best Pyrotechnic shows, be it from 6000 Baht to well over 100,000 Baht. Our shows feature brighter, more vibrant range of colors and visual effects. You will never know what is coming next and our shows always feature a Start, Middle section and a Grand Finale, to really finish with something extraordinary. I  have done so many shows for new customers, who after seeing and paying for one of my shows never use anyone else ever again and have never lost a customer yet. If you want to impress your guests or have something special to celebrate, let us take care of all the planning, set up, firing and cleaning up and site and safety constraints and regulations/licenses. We have done hundreds of exciting shows without any accidents, as we take great care in the set up and safety for all our shows." Robert Taylor, Owner
We also give you a free video of your show and post it on you tube so you can share it with your friends or use it to promote your business. This is a HD quality video and we can add all your business details on it.